Agnes' Story

Agnes reported with abdominal distension and severe pain. She was diagnosed with Abdominal Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Her mother, an unemployed widow, could barely afford even the transportation costs to the clinic. Agnes’ treatment was sponsored by the Georgina Y Baidoo Foundation, and having finished her last cycle of treatment, she is now in remission.

Benjamin's Story

Little 5 year old Benjamin is a boy who reported with severe anemia and nose bleeds, and after some tests, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Financially, it was a huge burden for Benjamin’s parents to come up with the 1700cedis (~$560) to fund his treatment. Through the help of treatment paid for by the Georgina Y Baidoo Foundation, little Benjamin was able to complete the ALL protocol through to the maintenance phase of chemotherapy.

Priscilla Kusi

Priscilla Kusi was 6 years old when her life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a type of childhood cancer. Her mother noticed a small swelling at the left side of her daughter’s eye, which she reported to several clinics and was later referred to KATH, a six hour commute from their small village, Basinyiri, in the Western Region of Ghana. At KATH she was diagnosed with cancer which was a very big blow to her. When she was counselled about the treatment and cost involved she was very devastated because she was unemployed and Priscilla's father was a peasant farmer.  A month after Priscilla's diagnosis, her father died in a motor accident, which left her mother to be the sole breadwinner of the family with five children to look after. "It has been really difficult for me to take care of her and the other children alone but my only hope is from God” she said. She now depends on the small farm her husband left behind to support their kids.  Priscilla's mother was relieved when she was told about the sponsorship from the Georgina Y Baidoo Foundation, which would cover most of the treatments Priscilla would receive. From this sponsorship, little Priscilla is on her 9th cycle of chemotherapy and will be completing her chemotherapy cycles soon.

Janet Asifiri

Janet, a six month old baby, comes from Osino in the Eastern region of Ghana, which is about five hours to commute to KATH. When Janet's mom noticed a whitish patch on her child's left eye, she reported to a local clinic in her community where she was given medication and later referred to KATH for further diagnosis. At KATH, Janet was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, which is a type of childhood cancer of the eye. Janet's mother was initially reluctant when told her child had cancer, wondering how a six month old baby could be diagnosed with cancer, and even thought it was a curse. During the counselling she cried uncontrollably, especially when she was told about the prognosis, cost involved, and the number of times she would need to bring Janet for chemotherapy. She could only think of how to get money for her child’s treatment and traveling the long distance for treatment. They defaulted for six months when starting treatment because coming every week was very difficult for them. When she reported back to the hospital, she was told about she will get some of her chemotherapy drugs for free. Janet has been on treatment since then and will be completing very soon.

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